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Homefleet is a unique multi vehicle policy. The more vehicles covered in relation to the amount of drivers, the greater the premium that can be saved. It is based on the simple principle that you cannot drive two vehicles at once and therefore one driver with three vehicles could have the third vehicle insured free. Whilst a limited amount of insurers are prepared to add all private cars on one policy, we are able to include vans, motor cycles, classic cars and much more. It is by far the most flexible personal fleet policy available.

Key features of our standard policy include:

  • All vehicles covered
  • More vehicles with less drivers = lower premium
  • No claims bonus is earned by each driver
  • Bonus protection is available on all covers
  • Unlimited windscreen cover
  • Foreign use included up to 60 days
  • Young family members may be included
  • Individual drivers may have their own business use included
  • Vehicles may be added as they fall due for renewal throughout the year